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Skorpions MK Realm
Quan Chi


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Storyline:A free roaming sorceror powerfull in the black arts Quan Chi uses his abilities to free the evil elder god Shinnok from his confines in the Netherealm. In exchange for his services Shinnok granted Quan Chi the position of arch sorceror of the now expanded Netherealm But Quan Chi planned to gain more than just this position, after the defeat of the earth warriors. Quan Chi makes numerous of attempts in retrieving the sacred map which shows the way to the amulet which will give Shinnok the power to escape the netherealm, once true the help of the Lin Kuei. But finally Quan Chin is able to gain the amulet. He once replaces the amulet with which he frees Shinnok with an exact duplicate, after the war his plan was to gain all power and become the ultimate rules of the realms.