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Skorpions MK Realm
MK2-Cheats and Moves


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My Review:
Best MK Game So Far..Nuff' Said


Extra Fatality Time- Quicky press Up,Up,Left,Up,Down+SELECT at the character select screen. You will now have 15 seconds to do fatalities instead of 5.

29 Kredits- At the Character Select screen, press the following:Left, Up, Right, Down, Left + Select

Super Damage- At the Character Select screen:Down, Up, Right, Up, Left + Select You should hear a swishing sound if activated.


Liu Kang:
Bicycle Kick: Hold LK 5 seconds, release
Low Fireball: F, F, LP
High Fireball: F, F, HP (*)
Flying Kick: F, F, HK
Dragon-Morph Fatal: D, F, B, B, HK (close)
Uppercut Fatal: Hold BL, rotate 360 degrees counterclockwise (1)
Pit/Spike Fatal: B, F, F, LK
Friendship: F, B, B, B, LK
Babality: D, D, F, B, LK

Kung Lao
Hat Throw: B, F, LP (U and D to aim)
Dive Kick: D+HK at top of jump (*)
Teleport: U, D (press HK as you come up for attack)
Spin: Hold BL, U, U, LK (tap LK to keep spinning)
Chainsaw Fatal: F, F, F, LK (1)
Hat Throw Fatal: Hold LP, B, F, and aim for head (EOS)
Pit/Spike: F, F, F, HP
Friendship: B, B, B, D, HK
Babality: B, B, F, F, HK

Johnny Cage
High Green Flame: F, D, B, HP
Low Green Flame: B, D, F, LP
Nutcracker: BL+LP
Shadow Kick: B, F, LK
Shadow Shoryuken: B, D, B, HP
1 Head Knockoff Fatal: F, F, D, U (close)
3 Head Knockoff Fatal: F, F, D, U, then hold D+LP+LK+BL (close)
Torso Ripoff Fatal: D, D, F, F, LP (close)
Pit/Spike Fatal: D, D, D, HK
Friendship: D, D, D, D, HK
Babality: B, B, B, HK

Acid Spit: F, F, HP
Forceball: B, B, LP+HP
Invisibility: Hold BL, U, U, D, HP
Slide: B+LP+LK+BL
Eat Head Fatal: B, B, D, LP (3)
Torso Ripoff Fatal: Go invisible, then F, F, D, HK (close)
Pit/Spike Fatal: D, F, F, BL
Friendship: B, B, D, LK
Babality: D, B, B, LK

Freeze: D, F, LP
Ground Freeze: D, B, LK
Slide: B+LP+LK+BL
Freeze-and-Shatter Fatal: F, F, D, HK (2) then F, D, F, F, HP (close)
Ice Grenade: Hold LP, B, B, D, F (EOS)
Pit/Spike Fatal: D, F, F, BL
Friendship: B, B, D, HK
Babality: D, B, B, HK

Shang Tsung
1 Flame: B, B, HP
2 Flames: B, B, F, HP
3 Flames: B, B, F, F, HP
Liu Kang: B, F, F, BL
Kung Lao: B, D, B, HK
Johnny Cage: B, B, D, LP
Reptile: Hold BL, U, D, HP
Sub-Zero: F, D, F, HP
Kitana: BL, BL, BL
Jax: D, F, B, HK
Mileena: Hold HP 2 seconds, release
Baraka: D, D, LK
Scorpion: Hold BL, U, U
Raiden: D, B, F, LK
Invader Fatal: Hold HK 2 seconds, release (close)
Soul Sucker Fatal: Hold BL, U, D, U, LK (close)
Kintaro Morph Fatal: Hold LP entire winning round, release (1)
Pit/Spike Fatal: Hold BL, D, D, U, D
Friendship: B, B, D, F, HK
Babality: B, F, D, HK

Fan Throw: F, F, LP+HP (*)
Fan Lift: B, B, B, HP
Fan Swipe: B+HP
Square Wave Flight: F, D, B, HP
Fan Swipe Fatal: BL, BL, BL, HK (close)
Kiss Fatal: Hold LK, F, F, D, F (close)
Pit/Spike Fatal: F, D, F, HK
Friendship: D, D, D, U, LK
Babality: D, D, D, LK

Gotcha Punches: F, F, LP (Keep pushing LP for more punches)
Sonic Wave: F, D, B, HK
Ground Pound: Hold LK 3 seconds, release
Back Crack: BL in air (close)
Quadruple Slam: Throw and tap HP
Head Smash Fatal: Hold LP, F, F, F (close)
Disarming Fatal: BL, BL, BL, BL, LP (1)
Pit/Spike Fatal: Hold BL,U, U, D, LK
Friendship: Hold BL, D, D, U, U, LK
Babality: Hold BL, D, U, D, U, LK

Sai Throw: Hold HP 2 Seconds, release (*)
Telekick: F, F, LK
Roll Attack: B, B, D, HK
Sai Slice-N-Dice Fatal: F, B, F, LP (close)
Bone Spit Fatal: Hold HK for 2 seconds, release (close)
Pit/Spike Fatal: F, D, F, LK
Friendship: D, D, D, U, HK
Babality: D, D, D, HK

Shredder: B, B, B, LP
Blade Spark: D, B, HP
Blade Swipe: B+HP
Double Kick: HK, HK, HK (close)
Head Slice Fatal: B, B, B, B, HP (close)
Blade Hang Fatal: B, F, D, F, LP (close)
Pit/Spike Fatal: F, F, D, HK
Friendship: Hold BL, U, F, F, HK
Babality: F, F, F, HK

Van Dam Spear: B, B, LP
Teleport: D, B, HP (*)
Air Throw: BL in air (close) (*)
Scissors Takedown: F, D, B, LK
Toasty Fatal: Hold BL, U, U, HP (3)
Distant Toasty Fatal: Hold BL, D, D, U, U, HP
Spear Slash Fatal: Hold HP, D, F, F, F (close)
Pit/Spike Fatal: D, F, F, BL
Friendship: B, B, D, LK
Babality: D, B, B, HK

Lightning Throw: D, F, LP
Superman: B, B, F (*)
Teleport: D, U
Fry: Hold HP 4-5 seconds, release (close)
Fry Explosion Fatal: Hold LK 3-4 seconds, release, tap BL+LK (close)
Uppercut Fatal: Hold HP 8 sec. (before it says "Finish Him!"), release
Pit/Spike Fatal: Hold BL, U, U, U, HP
Friendship: D, B, F, HK
Babality: D, D, U, HK