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Skorpions MK Realm


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Storyline:A fifth generation Lin Kuei warrior, known by the name of Sub-Zero, once had a normal life in America. He lived there with his mother, father, brother and sister.. Eventually, the two sons were found spotted by the Lin Kuei clan and they brought them to China, their mother, father and sister were never seen or heard from again. The older son would soon inherit the name of Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero and Scorpion both got the mission to find the Sacret map of the elements, they both arrived at the Shaolin temples and soon confronted each other. Scorpion was killed in the confrontation and Sub-Zero returned to Lin Kuei headquarters with the sacred Map of Elements, suspicious of Quan Chi for retaining the services of a Shirai Ryu ninja. Sub-Zero was then to go on a mission through the temple that housed the amulet. Quan Chi got the amulet and Rayden was enraged, he sent Sub-Zero into the Netherealm itself to regain the amulet back before Shinnok uses it to enter the earth realm. Sub-Zero managed to get the amulet back into the hands of Rayden and thus so he prevented the destructive battles between Shinnok and Rayden from being faught once again, at least for the time being... He arrived back in Lin Kuei headquarters, and was then to compete in Mortal Kombat, to be able to kill Shang Tsung, he boarded the boat to Shang Tsung's uncharted island. Scorpion, in the form of a reincarnated specter, soon learned of Sub-Zero's intentions and followed the Lin Kuei warrior onto the boat...