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Skorpions MK Realm
Shao Kahn


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Storyline:A civilized realm known as Edenia was once a living planet similar to the earth. A peaceful, quiet planet it was ruled by King Jerrod and Queen Sindel. Edenia used a fighting tournament to defend itself against invaders just like the earth does now. But the dark emperor known as Shao Kahn managed to successfully invade Edenia and take the life of Jerrod, just shortly after the birth of Princess Kitana. Kahn then sapped the realm's energies, causing Edenia to become a large wasteland known as The Outworld. Shao Khan took Sindel as his queen and Kitana as his step-daughter, the realm would remain in this condition until Kahn's reign over it would end. The thought of serving Shao Kahn eventually drove Queen Sindel to madness, thus committed suicide at a young age. Kahn was enraged by this. He withheld her soul from moving on to a higher existence and used it as a token for his victory over Jerrod, as well as a constant reminder of his power to Princess Kitana. Over the years, Princess Kitana was trained as a personal assassin for Shao Kahn, working alongside her friend, Jade. Another of the many assassins trained to serve Shao Kahn was Rain, the son of a general in Edenia's army who was killed by Kahn during his invasion. Shao Kahn's next target was the realm of earth...