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Skorpions MK Realm


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Storyline:Sektor is actually the codename for unit LK-9t9. He was the first of three prototype cybernetic ninja's built by the lin kuei. Sektor was once a human assassin trained by the Lin Kuei. He volunteered for automation because of his loyalty for the clan. he becomes a deadly cybernetic assassin, which his onetime fellow-assassin sub-zero refused to be. The Lin Kuei could not tolerate this, and they send Sektor and Sub-Zero's onetime friend Smoke, which is also automated to go after his life. After Shao Kahn's invasion during the third (new) Mortal Kombat tournament they begin their mission. When they finally face Sub-Zero, a battle to death would begin. But Smoke refuses to harm his friends and turns against the Lin Kuei by helping Sub-Zero defeating his enemy Sektor. Sektor can't compete against the power of the two friends and after a short battle he's destroyed by Sub-Zero.