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Skorpions MK Realm
MK4-Cheats and Moves


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My Review:
MK4 everyone knows wasnt the greatest game...But hey at least it's Mortal Kombat so i'll play it.


Cheat Menu-
To get the cheat menu, go to the options screen, highlight ''VS. ENABLED'', and hold L AND R for 10 seconds. A cheat screen should show up.

Ermac Look Alike-
To get a chracter a lot like Ermac, have both players 1 and 2 pick Scorpion, one of the players will have Ermac's costume.


Draw Weapon: D,B,LP

Upward Fire: F,F,LP*
Down Fire : B,B,HP
Zip Punch : D,F,HP
Slide Kick : D,F,LK
Handstand : BL+LK (UB/UF to jump out)
(HS position only)
Spin Kicks : LP(hold) (B/F moves)
Upper Kick : HK
Lower Kick : LK
Stand Up : BL

(3) Up Fire,jump HP,HK air chain(35%)
(3) Up Fire,HP,jump HK,Zip Punch(32%)
(3) Up Fire,D+HK,Slide Kick(29%)
(3) (club) Up Fire,B+LP(39%)
(3) (dagger) Up Fire,jump HK,HP(34%)
(3) (dagger) Up Fire,HK,LP(36%)
(3) (corner) Up Fire,Slide Kick,Slide Kick(41%)
(4) (bo staff) Up Fire,HP,HP,Slide Kick(44%)
(4) (corner) hit out of air with HP,HK air chain,Up Fire,B+HK(53%)
(5) (dagger) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,jump HK,HP(35%)
(6) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,HK,Slide Kick(40%)
(7) (corner) Jump HK,Up Fire,one step back,HP,Up Fire,HP,jump HP,HK
air chain(45%)

Body Rip : U,F,U,B,HK(close)
Saw Blade : U,U,U,D,BL(outside sweep)
Fan Stage : F,F,D,BL
Goro Stage : B,F,D,HK

Draw Weapon: F,B,HP

Spark : D,B,LP
Wall Smash : F,F,LK*
Teleport : D,U

(3) (hammer) B+LP,jump HP,Smash(27%)
(3) (hammer) B+LP,B+LP,Smash(27%)
(3) hit out of air with HP,HK air chain,Smash(37%)
(4) (near corner w/hammer) B+LP,B+LP,jump HP,Smash(34%)
(5) HP,HK,D+HP,jump HK,Smash(25%)
(5) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,jump HP,HK air chain,Smash(38%)
(5) (hammer) Up Kick,HK,B+LP,jump HP,Smash(40%)
(7) (near corner) HP,HP,HK,D+HK,jump HP,HK air chain,Smash(33%)
(8) Jump HP,HP,HP,HK,HK,Weapon,jump HP,Smash(45%)

Dynamo : F,B,U,U,HK(close)
Electrocute: D,U,U,U,HP(close)
Fan Stage : D,F,B,BL
Goro Stage : F,F,D,LP

Weapon : B,F,LP

Kai : F,F,F,LK
Rayden : D,F,F,HP
Liu Kang : B,B,F,HK
Reptile : B,B,F,BL
Scorpion : F,B,LP
Jax : F,D,F,HK
Reiko : B,B,B,BL
Cage : D,D,HP
Jarek : B,B,B,LK
Tanya : B,F,D,BL
Fujin : F,F,B,HK
Sub-Zero : D,B,LP
Quan Chi : F,B,F,LK
Sonya : F,D,F,HP

(3) Up Kick,HK,B+HK(29%)
(4) (any weapon) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,jump LP(28%)
(5) (spear) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,HP,HP(34%)
(6) (near corner) HP,HP,HK,D+HK,jump HP,HK air chain(27%)
(7) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,walk in HP,jump HK(34%)

The Hand : D,B,F,D,RN(close)
Goal! : D,U,U,D,BL(close)
Fan Stage : D,D,F,HK
Goro Stage: D,F,B,HP

Draw Weapon : B,F,LK

Fireball : F,F,HP*
Low FireBall: F,F,LP
Flying Kick : F,F,HK
Bike Kick : Hold LK 3-5 seconds

(5) HP,HP,HK,HK,Flying Kick(29%)
(5) (jag sword) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,run in,HP,jump LP(30%)
(5) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,HP,Fly Kick,Fly Kick(36%)
(5) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,jump HP,HK air chain,air fireball(35%)
(6) (near corner) Hold LK,HP,HK,D+HP,rel. LK,HP,Fly Kick(29%)
(6) Jump HP,HK,HK,Draw Weapon immediately followed with HP,Fly Kick(46%)
(7) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in HP,jump HK,air fireball(40%)

Dragon Morph: F,F,F,D,HK+BL+LK(1/2 screen)
Screen Shot : F,D,D,U,HP(close)
Fan Stage : F,F,B,LP
Goro Stage : F,F,B,HK

Draw Weapon: B,B,LK

Acid Spray : D,F,HP
Palm Strike: B,F,LP
Inviso : BL+HK
Super Crawl: B,F,LK

(3) (axe) LP,Crawl,B+LP(26%)
(3) (axe) hit out of air with B+HP, hold F and HP(15%)
(3) (corner) Jump HK,Crawl,Uppercut(27%)
(5) (axe) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,walk in,LP,B+LP(32%)
(5) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,Crawl,jump HP,HK air chain(36%)
(5) (axe) Up Kick,HK,HK,Crawl,B+LP(41%)
(5) (curved sword)(corner) Jump HK,jump HK,Crawl,HP,jump HP(42%)

Beauty Treatment: Hold HP+LP+HK+LK then U(close)
3-D Acid Loogie : U,D,D,D,HP(outside sweep)
Fan Stage : D,F,F,LP
Goro Stage : D,D,F,HK

Draw Weapon: F,F,HK

Spear : B,B,LP
Tele-Punch : D,B,HP*
Fire Breath: D,F,LP
Air Throw : BL when both in air

(4) (default weapon) Spear,HK,HK,Weapon(31%)
(5) (unmasked only) Spear,HK,HK,Weapon,jump LP(35%)
(5) (corner) hit out of air with HP,HK air chain,telport punch,jump UP with
HP,HK air chain(53%)
(6) (curved sword) HK,HP,Spear,HK,HP,LP(45%)
(6) (mace) B+LP,B+LP,Teleport,Spear,HK,B+HK(43%)
(7) HP,HK,D+HP,Spear,HP,HP,D+HK(25%)
(8) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,HP,Spear,HP,HP,HK,B+HK(44%)
(8) Up Kick,HK,HK,Spear,HP,HP,HK,B+HK(50%)
(8+)(near corner) Spear,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,walk in HP,jump HP,LP air chain,
air throw(41%)
(9) (near corner)Spear,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in HP,Fire,run in HP,Fire(39%)
(10+)HP,HK,D+HP,Spear,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in,HP,jump HK,Air Throw(43%)
(10)(unmasked only) HP,HK,D+HP,Spear,HP,HP,HK,HK,Weapon,jump LP(45%)

B.B.Q. : B,F,F,B,BL(1/2 screen)
Scorpion : B,F,D,U,HP(close)
Fan Stage : F,D,D,LK
Goro Stage : B,F,F,LK

Draw Weapon: D,F,HP

Gun Shot : D,F,LP
Slide Punch: D,B,LP
Earthquake : F,F,D,LK
Backbreaker: BL when both in air
Multi Throw: Throw,then(hold)RN+BL+LK > HP+LP+LK > HP+BL+LK > HP+LP+HK+LK

(4+)(club) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,immediately throw weapon,Earthquake(36%)
(5) Up Kick,HK,HK,Weapon(41%)* *2nd club hit can be blocked
(5) HP,HK,D+HP,walk in HP,Slide Punch(24%)
(5) (club) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,B+LP(31%)
(6) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,HP,Slide Punch,LP,Slide Punch(41%)
(6+)Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,jump HK,Backbreaker(38%)
(9) (near corner) HP,HK,D+HP,run in HP,Slide Punch,LP,Slide Punch,LP,

Arm Rip : Hold LK for before you win then F,F,D,F,release LK(close)
Head Smash : B,F,F,D,BL(close)
Fan Stage : F,F,B,LK
Goro Stage : F,F,B,HP

Draw Weapon : D,B,HP

Vertical Teleport: D,U* (BL to throw, P/K for regular jump up attack)
Horiz.Teleport : B,F,LK
Flip Kick : B to D to F+HK
Throwing Stars : D,F,LP

(3) Flip Kick,HP,jump HK(20%)
(3) Jump HK,Flip Kick,walk in,Uppercut(24%)
(3) (crossbow near corner) Flip Kick,HP,LP(16%)
(5) (near corner) Flip Kick,HP,jump HP,HK air chain,Teleport Throw(34%)
(6) (club) Up Kick,HK,HK,Flip Kick,B+LP(43%)
(6) (jag sword) Flip Kick,LP-HP combo,Flip Kick,LP-HP combo(46%)
(7) Up Kick,HP,HK,HK,Flip Kick,HP,jump LK(47%)

Power Kick : F,D,F+HK+BL+LP+LK(close)
Shuriken Massacre: B,B,D,D,HK(outside sweep)
Fan Stage : D,D,B,LP
Goro Stage : F,F,D,LK

Draw Weapon : F,D,F,LK

High Fire : D,B,LP
Low FireBall: D,F,HP
Groin Punch : BL+LP(dosen't work on Sonya or Tanya)
Shadow Kick : B,F,LK
Shadow Upper: B,D,B,HP

(3) (pirate sword) HK,B+HP,Shadow Kick(27%)
(5) HP,HK,D+HP,run in,D+HK,Shadow Kick(22%)
(6) (tuxedo only) Jump HP,HP,HP,HK,HK,weapon(??%)*
(8) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in,HP,jump HK,Shadow Kick(42%)
(10)(near corner not too close)Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,
run in late HP,HP,jump HK,run in LP,Shadow Kick(48%)
*last 3 shots can be blocked

Body Rip : F,B,D,D,HK(close)
Head Punch : D,D,F,D,BL(close)
Fan Stage : D,F,F,HK
Goro Stage : B,F,F,LK

Draw Weapon: F,F,HP

Fwd. Roll : B,F,LK
Upward Roll: F,D,F,HP
Blade Toss : D,B,LP
Earthquake : B,D,B,HK

(3) (curved sword) HK,HP,LP(27%)
(3) (hammer) B+LP,B+LP,Roll(27%)
(3+)(curved sword/hammer) Up Kick,HK,HP,Earthquake(35%)
(4+)(hammer) Up Kick,HK,HK,Weapon,Earthquake(40%)
(5) HP,HK,D+HP,run in HP,Blade Toss(22%)
(5) (Curved sword) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,walk up HP,LP(34%)

Heart Pull : F,B,F,F,LK(close)
Eye Beam : U,U,F,F,BL(outside sweep)
Fan Stage : F,D,F,HK
Goro Stage : B,F,F,LP

Draw Weapon : F,F,HK

Fire Ball : D,F,HP
Air FireBall: D,B,LP in air
Spin Kick : F,F,LK
Spilts Kick : F to D to B+LK

(3) (boomerang) Jump HK,Spin,LP(29%)
(5) (boomerang) Up Kick,HK,HK,Spin,LP(45%)
(4) (hammer) B+LP,B+LP,step fowrard,Spin,Splits(35%)
(6) (ice staff) HK,B+HP,B+LP,B+HP,Spin,Splits(37%)
(6) (ice staff/hammer) Up Kick,HK,HK,Weapon,Spin,Spilts(49%)
(6) Jump+HP,HP,HK,HK,Spin,Spilts(41%)
(6) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,Spin,HP,Spin,Splits(42%)
(6) (corner, boomerang) Jump HK,jump HK,Spin,jump HK,Spin,LP(48%)

Explode Kiss: D,D,U,D,HP+BL(close)
Neck Breaker: D,F,D,F,HK(close)
Fan Stage : B,F,D,HP
Goro Stage : F,F,F,LP

Draw Weapon : B,B,LP

Dust Storm : F,D,F,HP
Slam : B,F,D,LK from the dust storm
Spin : F,D,LP(hold) (B/F moves)
Flying Knee : D,F,HK
Diving Kick : D+LK at top of jump

(3) Dust Storm,Slam,Uppercut(24%)
(3) Dust Storm,jump HP,HK air chain(22%)
(5) (crossbow in corner) Dust Storm,HP,Dust Storm,HP,LP(15%)
(5) Jump HK,Dust Storm,Slam,HK,Knee(34%)
(5) (weapon) Dust Storm,Slam,HK,jump HP,Dive Kick(37%)
(5) (crossbow in corner) Dust Storm,jump HP,Dust Storm,jump HP on way down,
jump LP(54%)
(5) hit out of air with very late jump HP,HK air chain,Dust Storm,quickly
draw weapon,Slam,throw weapon(55%)
(6) HK,HK,Dust Storm,Slam,HP,jump HK(32%)
(6) Dust Storm,Up Kick,Dust Storm,Slam,HK,Knee(45%)
(6) (any weapon) Dust Storm,jump HP,Dust Storm,Slam,HK,jump LP(50%)
(7) (corner)Jump HK,jump BACK with HK,Dust Storm,Slam,HP,
jump HP,HK air chain(37%)
(100%) (club, back edge of stage) Dust Storm,jump late HP,Dust storm,
Slam,LP,repeat combo (club must not hit too far) *NEW*

Turkey Shoot: Tap BL+RN 5x(1/2 screen)
Wind Blast : D,F,F,U,BL(outside sweep)
Fan Stage : D,D,D,HK
Goro Stage : B,F,B,HP

Draw Weapon: D,F,HK

Ice Ball : D,F,LP
Ice Clone : D,B,LP*
Slide : LP+BL+LK

(4) (axe) LP,Ice,LP,B+LP(22%)
(5) Ice,Up Kick,HK,HK,Slide(21%)
(5) (ice staff) B+HP,jump HK,B+LP,B+HP,jump HP(31%)
(5) HP,HK,D+HP,jump HK,Slide(21%)
(5) (corner) Jump HK,jump HK,HP,Slide,HP(27%)
(6) (corner) Jump HK,Ice,jump HP,HP,Slide,HP(22%)
(7) Up Kick,Ice,Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,B+HK(38%)
(7) (ice Staff) Up Kick,HK,B+LP,Up Kick,HK,B+HP,jump HP(43%)
(9) (default weapon) HK,Ice,Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,HK,Weapon,Slide(40%)

3-D Headrip: F,B,F,D,HP+BL+RN(close)
Ice Smash : B,B,D,B,HP(outside sweep)
Fan Stage : D,U,U,U,HK
Goro Stage : D,D,D,LK

Draw Weapon : D,B,HK

Skull Fireball: F,F,LP
Teleport Stomp: F,D,LK
Steal Weapon : F,B,HP when their weapon is drawn
Slide Kick : F,F,HK
Air Throw : BL when both in air

(3) (mace) HK,B+LP,jump LP(25%)
(3) (mace) B+LP,B+LP,Teleport Stomp(30%)
(3) (crossbow in corner) Jump HK,B+LP,LP(16%)
(4+)(corner)Jump HK,jump HK,jump HP,LP air chain,Air Throw(40%)
(5) Up Kick,HK,HK,Weapon,jump LP(42%)
(6) HP,HP,HK,HK,Weapon,jump LP(36%)
(8) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in late HP,HP,Teleport Stomp(44%)

Leg Rip : Hold LK before you win then F,D,F,release LK(close)
Imperson-ality: U,U,D,D,LP(outside sweep)
Fan Stage : F,F,D,HP
Goro Stage : F,F,B,LK

Draw Weapon : F,F,LK

Purple FireBall: D,F,LP
Bike Kick : B,B,D,HK
Air Punch : F,B,HP
Leg Grab : Hold D,BL+LP
Fwd. Flipkick : B to D to F+LK
Air Throw : BL when both in air

(3) (corner) Flipkick,Uppercut(16%)
(3+)(corner, weapon) Jump HK,jump HK,jump UP with HP,Air Throw(36%)
(4+)HP,HK,D+HP,jump HK,Air Throw(26%)
(5) HP,HP,HK,HK,HK(28%) *link last HK
(5) (blade wheel w/opponent near corner) Flip Kick,B+HP,B+HP,HP(28%)
(7) Up Kick,HP,HP,HK,D+HP,run in HK,Leg Grab(42%)
(8) (blade wheel near corner) Up Kick,HK,D+HP,Flip Kick,B+HP,B+HP,HP(44%)

Kiss Blade : D,D,D,U,RN(outside sweep)
Deadly Flipkick: U,D,D,U,HK(outside sweep)
Fan Stage : D,B,B,HK
Goro Stage : F,D,F,HP